Date: July 20, 2019

Location: Orlando, FL

In conjunction with the 2019 International Symposium (IS), the Helix team hosted a Helix Transition Workshop on Saturday, July 20, 2019 from 8am to 3pm. During this workshop, the Helix team shared the Helix research findings to date. The discussions focused on the following Helix research questions:

1.         What makes systems engineers effective?

2.         What impacts organizational systems engineering effectiveness?

The objectives of the workshop were for:

  • Attendees to gain a solid understanding of the overall research findings on the effectiveness of systems engineers and systems engineering (e.g. Atlas and AtlasORG)
  • Attendees to explore the associated Helix tools and assessment approaches themselves.
  • Attendees to gain insights into how Atlas is being used and how they could use Atlas in their organizations.
  • The Helix team to gain the perspectives of the attendees on additional improvements for Atlas and transition of research into practice.

This workshop provided an opportunity for attendees to use – and shape – the Helix tools and meet with other individuals and organizations who have used (or are currently using) Helix.

The workshop proceedings and highlights included:

  • Overview and the current state of Helix
  • Organizational culture and systems engineering
  • Helix self-assessment tools
  • Data-based organizational model
  • Future directions: Helix in 2019 and beyond

To successfully transition the Helix project beyond 2020, the Helix team requested participation in the Helix survey and for organizations to participate in interviews. Overall, the team received good insights and feedback on the future directions and tools developed by the team. If you are interested to participate in the Helix project, please email us at:

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