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Atlas 2020

Atlas presents all that the team learned from the more than 600 individuals who participated in Helix, our extensive literature surveys, and our experiences with the 32 organizations that participated in Helix.

Paradoxical Mindset

The Paradoxical Mindset of Systems Engineers offers an in-depth look at the qualities effective systems engineers require and the positions they should seek for successful careers. Written by Helix researchers, it explores why systems engineers are uncommon and how they can assess, improve, and cleverly leverage their uncommon strengths. The book gives employers practical strategies and tools to understand their systems engineers and advance them to higher performance.

Implementation Guide

Guidance on how to use various aspects of Atlas is provided throughout the various sections of this document.

Career Paths Guidebook

This guidebook is intended to provide guidance to advance individuals’ systems engineering capabilities and proficiencies.

List of Publications and Presentations

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  • Pyster, A., R. Pineda, D. Henry, N. Hutchison. 2013. “Helix: Investigating the DNA of the Systems Engineering Workforce.” Proceedings of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Systems Engineering Conference, October 28-31, 2013, Crystal City, VA.
  • Pyster, A., S. Rifkin, D. Henry, K. Lasfser, N. Hutchison, D. Gelosh. 2013. “The Helix Project: Understanding the Systems Engineers who Support the US Department of Defense.” Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Conference on Systems Engineering (APCOSE), 8-11 September 2013, Yokahama, Japan.